it was one week ago today

Just had to post three more photos of our time in Southern Utah. We spent a half day on the road to Hell's Backbone, pictured above. It was about a 50 mile road, but unpaved most of the way, so it took the afternoon. The 'high point' was called Hell's Backbone - an incredible canyon that literally sent a chill through me as we looked down over the cliffs. Was I surprised when Scott took off for the highest rocks. No. I didn't even protest. Just cheerfully said, "Smile," as I snapped the photo as if he were sitting on fake red rocks in Disneyland.
I love golden quakies in the fall. I took a long walk around a charming little mountain lake called Posey Lake - while Scott was painting. The leaves were starting to turn and the temperature was perfect. If I were a camper, which I'm not, I'd want to go to this campground.
This was my little friend - he became very friendly because I kept throwing out little crumbs of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos (those things are spicy and hot - I couldn't believe how much he liked them!) as I sat in the car and worked on my laptop. That's my car door in the left of the photo. I was finishing up writing the content of our Cut the Crazy out of Christmas class for Big Picture Scrapbooking. I noticed this little chipmunk scampering in and out so I threw him some treats and soon he became comfortable with me and sat on the log and munched away.
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