saVed by the coRn mAze

We're tending our cute grandkids this week - the girls for a couple of days, then baby Carter for a couple more. We are thrilled to help out Aaron and Aimee who are away celebrating their tenth anniversary. It has been an action-packed day with these two girls. So far Brookelyn, seven, has made about ten craft projects, including a Halloween banner and lollipop ghosts. When Scott got home, I said, "We have GOT to get out of this house." Thank goodness for nice weather and the local corn maze. The corn maze was awesome. After about ten minutes of wandering through the tall corn, Bailee, four, said in a very loud, upset voice, "We have been walking for hours."
The girls had a blast. Scott too. Here Brookie is jumping off the Haystack Jump - or I should say Scott is 'kicking her off.' There was also a straw bale fort, tire swings and Halloween lights everywhere. It was really well done. Both girls ran and ran for three solid hours - raising my hopes for an early bedtime tonight.
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