seLdom liKed

Happy Birthday to me...on the day before my 64th birthday. Just had to have a photo record, because this is my last year before retirement lol. And I like this pic. (I hardly ever say that...just ask Scott.)


PaRk CitY - to ski (or not to ski)

We love Park City - and try to have one ski day there each year. This time, I was too nervous about my knee to dare to ski (which is ridiculous because I had the arthroscopy 18 months ago lol). But I just know that if I fell and it bent back, it'd hurt so badly that I'd embarrass my self with crying. So Scott had to ski alone and darn it, I had to go to the outlet mall.
It was a beautiful weekend - surprisingly warm, but like all of Utah this winter, there was lots and lots of snow. The best part was that baby Ivy came for a sleepover. Oh, and Mike and Sierra too. It was fun to have them hang out and entertain us.

Baby Ivy's gRowiNg

This little granddaughter has been a JOY! She's the sweetest little thing, the most tolerant and quiet baby I've ever encountered. (Her parents may have their own side of the story.) But really, she's a delight. The best part, though, has been watching our son in his new role of DAD. He's so cute with her, and our d-i-l, Sierra, is a darling mama. There's so much love when those little ones come and new families blossom.

This family photos just makes me want to smile, laugh, cry, and shout THANKS!