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[ toNy gRove ]

It was like summer vacation - but just for an afternoon. 

We spent a few nice hours today at Tony Grove Lake in Logan Canyon. It only takes about 45 minutes to get there, and it's so peaceful and beautiful that I always wonder why we don't go more often. The road that climbs from the canyon highway to the lake is seven miles of twists and turns and steep drop offs. By the time you get to Tony Grove, you've reached an altitude of 8,100 feet. There's a (full) parking lot and nice gravel paths. We even discovered picnic tables near the lake to the right of the parking lot. An informational sign says it got its name from wealthy Logan-ites (in the early 1900s) who spent time at the lake in the summers to cool off...they were the "tony" crowd. The dictionary defines tony as 'marked by an elegant or exclusive manner or quality.'


Scott got out his sketch book and made a couple of pencil sketches while I took off for a walk around the lake. After my walk I sat and "people watched." There was one group of about a dozen high school kids who were snorkeling. Yes, snorkeling...with snorkels, masks and fins. We got quite a kick out of watching them because we have never seen snorkeling in a mountain lake. That seems like an ocean thing to do to us. But there they were, plunging into that cold water and floating around looking at the bottom. They said they saw a few fish and lots of vegetation in the very clear water. We also watched people on paddle boards...another seemingly ocean activity. They looked like they were having fun - except for the girl that screamed as she hit  the cold water when she fell off her board. Also criss-crossing the lake were kayaks, boats and rafts. Dozens of people were fishing from the shore. It was a busy day at Tony Grove.

Here's what Scott drew - though this photo doesn't do his sketch justice. The mountain in the background is called Mount Magog. At 9,750 feet, it's one of the highest peaks in the Wasatch range. Scott hiked this mountain with his cousin Craig (years ago).

And this sketch is a big rock next to the water. Scott took a "drawing rocks class" online and has to practice drawing rocks. Good huh?!
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- begin with the end in mind -

I was sad to learn today about the death of Stephen Covey. 

Seeing his photo in the newspaper and on the computer brought back a flood of his words and phrases that have been with me for years and years. 

He helped me raise my kids...as I tried to improve myself.
He influenced my daily actions.
He helped me set goals and do the right thing.
He taught me about integrity. 

I loved the sound of his voice - I listened to his tapes while driving.
I loved his books - I have read many and still have one on my to-read list (The Third Alternative).
I loved his enthusiasm and passion.

Below is a paper that has been on my closet wall for, oh, 15 years. It's my typed notes from a Covey lecture that was given at a meeting of the Utah Ophthalmological Society. I have looked at it so often for so long that it has become unnoticed. You know how that goes. 

Today I re-read my paper and also my notes from several of his lectures. Such good stuff:

And a few more...

"never become too busy to sharpen the saw"

"first things first"

"we can't walk crooked and think straight"

"seek first to understand, then be understood"

"in the thick of thin things" 

"let arguments fly out open windows"

"the tryanny of the urgent"

"have you ever been too busy driving to take time to get gas"

"quadrant one: urgent and important (and so on)"

"mercy must not rob justice"

"begin with the end in mind"

I think it will be said that that is what Stephen Covey did. 


:: scott's birthday wish ::

Scott was reading the AAA magazine where they listed cool things to do this summer, and the only thing listed in Utah was the July 6th Moonlight Bike Ride on Antelope Island. Immediately he said, "That's what I want to do for my birthday." 

So we did. Becky, Pitt and Emmett joined us - first for dinner at McGrath's. 

Becky made the card for Scott, so now you know how YOUNG he is.

Then we took off for the Great Salt Lake. Little did we know that there'd be 1500 riders and tons of traffic on the road and causeway to Antelope Island. It got later and later and darker and darker. It was my first 'bike event,' and I felt nervous to be doing my first bike ride in the dark on a road I'd never been on even in the daylight. But everything is "no big deal" to Scott and he refused to let me fret. (Welcome to my life.)

We finally got parked and set to go...with Emmett in a bike trailer behind Pitt. It was Emmett's first time in a bike trailer. He was perfect! No issues - just dealt with it. He's a 2 1/2-year-old trooper.

We set off at 10:45 pm. It was dark but the stars were bright and the moon was just rising. We had headlamps on our helmets which cast a surprising amount of light and headlights on the bikes. (Petzl headlamps for Beck and Pitt, of course, because Pitt works at Petzl in sales and marketing.) 

 As usual I was Mrs. Cautious wearing long pants and long sleeves because of the "bugs" and insisting that Scott do the same. It was hot. And it was embarrassing to be "so dressed" among those 1500 real-life cyclists and their multi-colored spandex shorts and zip-front tops. Oh well, it was dark. 

It was also embarrassing to be on a cruiser bike. I was the only "upright" cyclist that I saw. But I'll tell you this: I was very comfortable on my tractor seat, my gears worked like a dream, I only got a bit of a backache, and I enjoyed the ride without fear of falling. So, go cruiser and go being old and not caring. Again, I'm glad it was dark.

At mile 7 (out of 22) I turned around and went back. We had just cruised down a long wonderful hill and I was loving it - then IT HIT ME! I have to go back up this hill and any others. I realized I was tired and holding the others back. So I headed back to the car and felt fine about it. 

Here are Becky and Scott at the halfway point - mile 11. There was food and celebrating. Becky rode the whole way - never stopped and walked. She's in GOOD SHAPE! I'm proud of her. Scott and Pitt did too!

A typical group of "true cyclists" having a blast at the party. 

Emmett was a champ! He slept in the trailer and woke up happy and proud of Grandpa when it was all over. 

NEXT YEAR - you're all going to join us. We're going to get Spandex outfits and form a team. Start training now - 22 miles is your goal. 
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* pretty patriotic *

Finally, I got myself into the sewing room and made something! This is my cute 4th of July tablerunner ...almost finished. I enjoyed every minute making this project. Well, almost every minute. When I realized I had cut the navy dot fabric ALL WRONG (in my haste), I was pretty mad at myself. Me, of all people, a writer of sewing instructions, should know better than to start cutting without carefully checking the cutting guide. But I improvised by sewing the mis-cut pieces back together and got enough inches to make the flags. I couldn't sew the cute pinwheels though (see original pattern below), so I ended up with the stripe block in the middle. It took me about four hours last night including stress-eating of Cheetos and diet root beer. It still needs to be quilted and bound, but I'll ask Carol to quilt it later and then it'll be even CUTER! 
I bought this as a kit at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop. It was designed by Kim of Kimberbell Designs. Kim designs quilts and is the owner of  the website You Can Make This.com and also a machine embroidery website called SWAKembroidery.com. Kim and her twin sister Kris are the fabulous creators of the DIY Dish website and videos. Kris is also the owner of the quilt shop. They are two amazingly creative women. 
Here's the original design all quilted and bound. Notice the pinwheel block. Next time, I'll think before I cut. 

You can buy the pattern as a downloadable PDF here youcanmakethis.com. It's called the Americana Kitchen Tablerunner and Tea Towel Set. I love the instant gratification of PDF downloads. If I want a pattern at 11 pm, I just have to find it, pay, and print. 
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