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fam-fun vacation

"Las Vegas, baby" took on a whole new meaning as our whole family went to Vegas to have some fun together...and see Suzie with that little baby belly. We're all so excited that she and Winston are expecting. Suzie can't travel because of her pregnancy, so we traveled to her.

She looked so cute - here we are at the country-fair-decorated Bellagio atrium.

Aimee is expecting too - the first of August! She and Aaron were awesome to bring the kids and have their summer vacation with the family in Vegas. Aimee didn't miss a thing - even going with a few of us to explore the new City Center hotel and shopping area. (Amazing.)

Becky planned a little poolside baby shower for the two moms-to-be.

The expectant dads got presents too.

And we all had "cupkates" cupcakes.

Bailee and I loved eating out...and eating out...and eating out. And goofing off.

Little Emmett was a champ. He had fun with his cousins...was good in his stroller, slept well in the Pack and Play, and looked like a 'big boy' with his new haircut.

Brookelyn, Bailee and Carter know how to enjoy the journey. They thought everything was fun. When they pulled into their driveway after the long drive home, Carter cried and cried and wouldn't get out of his car seat because he didn't want the trip to be over.

Scott and I were lucky in Vegas...to be surrounded by our whole family.

Becky swam and played with the kids in the pool 'til they all got prune-y. The kids were happy to just stay at the hotel and swim. And then swim some more.

We went to the Tournament of Kings - dinner and show at the Excalibur. Everyone loved it.

Knights and princesses. Sword fights and jousting. Galloping horses. Dinner medieval style with no utensils. A funny wizard/emcee. Audience participation...we cheered for the king of Austria. Fireworks and loud explosions.

Emmett sat through it all on his dad's lap very wide eyed, a bit frightened, but without a whimper. I couldn't believe it how brave he was.

It was hot in Vegas - but we were so starved for sunshine that no one complained.

Since my birthday was Sunday while we were in Vegas, Scott surprised me with tickets for the Donny and Marie show on Saturday night. I've been wanting to see them perform since they opened. I was so excited to finally be going. Sadly, the show was canceled that evening. No explanation, just a total refund and no show. These posters in the Flamingo hotel were all we got of Donny and Marie. This is Pitt, Becky's husband, with Marie.

And Mike and Becky posting with Donnie. We went to the mall instead. Darn it.
Scott and Suzie soaked their hot, tired feet in the hotel tub.

Bailee and Grandpa - a favorite photo.

The thing Brookelyn was most excited about was for us to all gather in her hotel room and watch the Justin Bieber movie with her. And so we did - me, Grandpa, Aunt Suzie, even Uncle Mike, Uncle Winston, and Aaron, her dad. As you can see, we all watched the movie, but Brookelyn and Bailee fell asleep cuddled up next to Suz. Hey, it was a good movie! I like Justin Bieber now - I'm a fan.

Scott couldn't have been happier than to have his picture with Becky and his favorite cartoon character - Sponge Bob Square Pants.

We wish every day could be summer vacation!


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...and tomorrow I will post some photos on my blog. Maybe.

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Food Product

This Lemon Cream Pie Yogurt is making me as happy as the sunshine and birdsong pouring though my kitchen window in the early morning. This yogurt has a fresh lemon flavor. And best of all (and the reason my mom told me to buy it in the first place) is that it has probiotics and prebiotics. Which are good things for our bodies...good as sunshine.