HoMe sHow

The first home we visited wasn't the biggest or even my favorite. But the sunlight shining through these glass vases was very pretty and made me excited for what we'd see in the 
next few hours. 

Bold patterns.


                                            Mixes of patterns, stripes, and whimsical prints. 

Several houses had little hiding places and hidden rooms. Made for kids and Scott.

Never stop exploring. 

This sink totally reminded me of the kitchen my mom grew up in. 

TV over stove. Not.

Pretty marble and quartzite.

"If we have to have stools," said Scott, "I would be OK with these." (They're probably not the right look, I thought.)

I want another smooth cooktop with the fan behind it. This has been  one of my most favorite things in my kitchen for 23 years. I was glad to see this one!