FaMily PhoTOs

We try to take a family photo every year. When I bring it up, it elicits a group groan, but then everyone knows it's a good thing, so they go into endurance mode and wear what I ask and get very cute and smile darling for the camera. I love them all for that. For 2017, we were in St. George for a really fun Thanksgiving, so we had Scott's brother-in-law, Mark, an avid and excellent photographer come and take the pics. Scott's sister, Patti, was also there helping get us arranged and getting the little kids to smile. They were both awesome. Above is the very first photo we took and ended up to be our best pic out of many many pics in four different locations. Below, the grandkids were awesome (once we got the boys down off the big rocks which they really wanted to climb). The last photo is my favorite from the photo shoot. I love the action shot of Mike's wife, Sierra, as she scurries to get out of the picture.