this is my husband on....the roof

Scott loves to be on the roof of our house. That's why he placed the flagpole and flag up there, so he'd have an excuse to put up the flag, repair the flag, check on the flag etc. and thus, be on the roof. And then there are the two swamp coolers on the roof that he has to 'service.' He also has a weather vane up there with sensors for the temperature, wind direction, and I'm not sure what else. This photo shows how high the roof is. He can't imagine why I insist that I be home and be told when he goes up there.

I get extremely nervous whenever he starts up that ladder to the roof. This photo was taken this past Saturday when he was getting the swamp coolers ready to go for the summer. He is up there with a shop-vacuum, cleaning the swamp cooler. He hauls that shop-vac up the ladder from the deck - it's on the opposite side from this photo. Then he walks up and over to get to this side. I went into the neighbor's back yard to take this picture--he was surprised to see me there with his camera.

He keeps talking about cutting a hole through the ceiling to the roof and making a 'widow's walk' up on the roof. That's a very appropriate name and I really hate it. A widows walk is...well here's the Wikipedia definition:

A widow's walk (or roofwalk) is a railed rooftop platform, typically on a coastal house, originally designed to observe vessels at sea. The name comes from the wives of mariners, who would watch for their spouses' return. In some instances, the ocean took the lives of the mariners, leaving the women as widows. The women would often thereafter gaze out to sea wishing beyond hope that their loved ones would return home and hence the name widow's walk was born.

On a more pleasant note: I took this photo of the Poole's field to the north of us. We share the fence. I love this view, the beautiful trees, and the white fence.
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{ all good things are coming to me today }

About a year ago, I read and really enjoyed the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. In spite of the extremes, I found so much good to be learned in the book. I know lots of people who really like the videos too.

Hadn't thought about The Secret in quite some time. The book ended up on a shelf and another took its place. Then I got an email from Scott with the following link and list in it. He had been directed to it by his favorite tech-guru Kim Komando. Now, if I had told Scott to watch anything about some 'secret' philosophy, he'd have ignored me...but if Kim Komando says it's good, then, IT IS! Well I'm glad it resurfaced for me. This video is really wonderful - the music, images and ideas. Enjoy... (click)


The Secret To You

Today is the beginning of my new life.

I am starting over today.

All good things are coming to me today.

I am grateful to be alive.

I see beauty all around me.

I live with passion and purpose.

I take time to laugh and play every day.

I am awake, energized, and alive.

I focus on all good things in life and give thanks for them.

I am at peace and one with everything.

I feel the love, the joy, the abundance.

I am free to be myself.

I am magnificence in human form.

I am the perfection of life.

I am grateful to be me.

Today is the best day of my life.



Looking for a summer read?

Suck Your Stomach in and Put Some Color On! (Paperback)-Shellie Tomlinson (Author)-Image

A while back I mentioned a self-help book I was reading...well this isn't it. But I want to bring this book to your attention because I just laughed my way through it, and that's a nice change from Eckhart Tolle (Oprah's favorite philosopher). The book is not refined literature by any means, but it's full of good advice and down home wisdom like "Don't be ugly." (This is life-changing advice if you think about it.) Plus, each chapter ends with good ole Southern cooking recipes such as...Hot Chicken Salad topped with, what else, cheese and potato chips! And Fried Dill Pickles, Pork Roast Barbecue, and Sweet and Spicy Pecans. Best of all--the lessons the author's mama taught her about how to live - from cleaning house properly to writing thank you notes to always putting your face on first. Get it for yourself, you'll love it, and it'll bring back some childhood memories.
So from me to you... "Sit up straight and put some lipstick on."


Birthday Celebration in St. George & Vegas

Our little trip to St. George and Las Vegas became a two-day birthday party for me.

Scott in front of the Bloomington Hills Golf Course - sometime we're actually going to golf there.

Birthday dinner at the Ruby River Steak Restaurant in St. George. I had to wear the big foam birthday cowboy hat which reminded me of last year's birthday at Cafe Sabor when I had to wear a big birthday sombrero. This tradition has gone on too long and has to end.

The birthday continued the next day in Las Vegas with Suzie and Winston. We went to the dinner show at Excalibur called Tournament of Kings. Quite an extravaganza of jousting with real horses, knights in shining armour, ladies in pointy hats and more. In true medevial fashion, we ate our meal of cornish game hen, potatoes, vegetables, and apple pie with no utinsels and pounded the tables with mugs of ale. It was actually really entertaining and fun to spend the evening with Suz and Winston.

The two-day birthday ended with a one of the famous "Just Bundt" cakes from a Vegas shop - the yummy white chocolate raspberry flavor. Thanks Suzie!

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{ Finally some inspiration! }

I have been struggling with a plan for my flowers out front - just couldn't get inspired to get started. I have a WHOLE bunch of planting to do - about nine pots and a big long strip of flowers that goes up the center of my front sidewalk. The reason I was procrastinating was that I was stuck with all those 'dead' geraniums which I really didn't want to use because they're ugly. Solved that problem by planting the poor things in the backyard where they can hide until they have some time to recover. So now I can start fresh and get the job done. Yesterday I spent the day at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes trying to get inspiration for another project - my basement remodel. Wow, what a materialistic feast that home show was. Later I'll post all my home decor photos. For now, check out the lovely flower pots that have inspired me to use these colors - notice, they're all shades of coral, melon, peach, whatever. I've never used this color exclusively before, and it will take great willpower not to add my favorite blue or violet flowers. It's nice to have a focus now - too bad we're having another cold spell - it's cold and rainy out there, but I just have to DO IT!

{thanks to Home #10 for inspiration}
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Geranium Survival

They actually look worse in real life than in these photos. I've had these geraniums for a month - waiting in my garage for the weather to warm up and then for me to get that patch of dirt emptied of a thousand dandelions and fifty million strands of morning glory. I have to give Scott credit for the awesome shovel work. The geraniums were beautiful and full of blossoms when I used them for centerpieces in April. I know more flowers will come, but from the looks of them this afternoon, it'll be a miracle. I can't wait to look out my back window and see this flower patch blooming with red, pink and white.
Out front, I could hardly contain my excitement when I walked out and the first of my Japanese Iris had popped open. I honestly think that if I stood there long enough I could watch one of those flowers unfold. It's been twenty-four hours since this photo and there are now about fifteen flowers in bloom on this plant. You can't tell from the photo, but the Japanese Iris is a mini iris that is charming and delightful!
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here's what I love about my job...

I work with the greatest people. Women who are talented, smart, creative, happy, enthusiastic, caring, and really fun to be around. Above photo is me with Tammy, a graphic designer. She is constantly amazing me with how she learns all the new graphic arts programs and technical things she has to be in charge of. She juggles designing, creating our packaging, and keeping track of all the digital files, plus more. The fact that she comes from a crafting, folk-art painting and art-teaching background makes her extra-valuable at Carolee's. She can design the product, then craft it into something wonderful. Plus she's just plain nice. Below is Rachael, a wonderful graphic designer. She's whizzy on her Apple...she has a degree from a graphic arts college in Phoenix. It's just amazing to watch her work on her computer in those mystery programs (to me) graphic design programs. She's also an artist, sculptor, and illustrator.

Speaking of great women, here are the McMullin girls...Carolee, the amazing owner of Carolee's Creations and her daughters. Above is Alison, a talented artist and graphic designer. She's a USU student majoring in art and also designs for her mom. Ali makes wonderful creations on her computer and also paints in oils, watercolors and all kinds of other things. She is always brimming with ideas--and she seems to know what's trendy and in. Below is Georgana Hall, Ali and Carolee. Georgana is also creative and artistic, but she also has the business mind and organizational skills to manage the company, which she does. She's my boss, and she is truly the nicest, most patient boss anyone could have. She's the fastest worker I have ever met. She can whip out scrapbook pages and wood projects like none other. And she remembers everything. Carolee is the one who started the company and keeps it going. She is an amazing artist, and it's too bad 'tole-painting' kind of went out of style because she is really really good at it--a nationally known teacher. But she paid attention to the next "sniff in the wind" as she puts it and switched her company to scrapbooking. She designs and hand-draws many of the papers and supervises the graphic artists while also running her company. She ships product all over the world. I went into work and there was a huge order going to Australia. It's truly phenomenal and I feel lucky to work for Carolee. There are about a dozen more great women who work there, and each is also outstanding. Wow, a woman-owned, woman-run company; now that's cool.
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