Looking for a summer read?

Suck Your Stomach in and Put Some Color On! (Paperback)-Shellie Tomlinson (Author)-Image

A while back I mentioned a self-help book I was reading...well this isn't it. But I want to bring this book to your attention because I just laughed my way through it, and that's a nice change from Eckhart Tolle (Oprah's favorite philosopher). The book is not refined literature by any means, but it's full of good advice and down home wisdom like "Don't be ugly." (This is life-changing advice if you think about it.) Plus, each chapter ends with good ole Southern cooking recipes such as...Hot Chicken Salad topped with, what else, cheese and potato chips! And Fried Dill Pickles, Pork Roast Barbecue, and Sweet and Spicy Pecans. Best of all--the lessons the author's mama taught her about how to live - from cleaning house properly to writing thank you notes to always putting your face on first. Get it for yourself, you'll love it, and it'll bring back some childhood memories.
So from me to you... "Sit up straight and put some lipstick on."