Geranium Survival

They actually look worse in real life than in these photos. I've had these geraniums for a month - waiting in my garage for the weather to warm up and then for me to get that patch of dirt emptied of a thousand dandelions and fifty million strands of morning glory. I have to give Scott credit for the awesome shovel work. The geraniums were beautiful and full of blossoms when I used them for centerpieces in April. I know more flowers will come, but from the looks of them this afternoon, it'll be a miracle. I can't wait to look out my back window and see this flower patch blooming with red, pink and white.
Out front, I could hardly contain my excitement when I walked out and the first of my Japanese Iris had popped open. I honestly think that if I stood there long enough I could watch one of those flowers unfold. It's been twenty-four hours since this photo and there are now about fifteen flowers in bloom on this plant. You can't tell from the photo, but the Japanese Iris is a mini iris that is charming and delightful!
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