Birthday Celebration in St. George & Vegas

Our little trip to St. George and Las Vegas became a two-day birthday party for me.

Scott in front of the Bloomington Hills Golf Course - sometime we're actually going to golf there.

Birthday dinner at the Ruby River Steak Restaurant in St. George. I had to wear the big foam birthday cowboy hat which reminded me of last year's birthday at Cafe Sabor when I had to wear a big birthday sombrero. This tradition has gone on too long and has to end.

The birthday continued the next day in Las Vegas with Suzie and Winston. We went to the dinner show at Excalibur called Tournament of Kings. Quite an extravaganza of jousting with real horses, knights in shining armour, ladies in pointy hats and more. In true medevial fashion, we ate our meal of cornish game hen, potatoes, vegetables, and apple pie with no utinsels and pounded the tables with mugs of ale. It was actually really entertaining and fun to spend the evening with Suz and Winston.

The two-day birthday ended with a one of the famous "Just Bundt" cakes from a Vegas shop - the yummy white chocolate raspberry flavor. Thanks Suzie!

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