here's what I love about my job...

I work with the greatest people. Women who are talented, smart, creative, happy, enthusiastic, caring, and really fun to be around. Above photo is me with Tammy, a graphic designer. She is constantly amazing me with how she learns all the new graphic arts programs and technical things she has to be in charge of. She juggles designing, creating our packaging, and keeping track of all the digital files, plus more. The fact that she comes from a crafting, folk-art painting and art-teaching background makes her extra-valuable at Carolee's. She can design the product, then craft it into something wonderful. Plus she's just plain nice. Below is Rachael, a wonderful graphic designer. She's whizzy on her Apple...she has a degree from a graphic arts college in Phoenix. It's just amazing to watch her work on her computer in those mystery programs (to me) graphic design programs. She's also an artist, sculptor, and illustrator.

Speaking of great women, here are the McMullin girls...Carolee, the amazing owner of Carolee's Creations and her daughters. Above is Alison, a talented artist and graphic designer. She's a USU student majoring in art and also designs for her mom. Ali makes wonderful creations on her computer and also paints in oils, watercolors and all kinds of other things. She is always brimming with ideas--and she seems to know what's trendy and in. Below is Georgana Hall, Ali and Carolee. Georgana is also creative and artistic, but she also has the business mind and organizational skills to manage the company, which she does. She's my boss, and she is truly the nicest, most patient boss anyone could have. She's the fastest worker I have ever met. She can whip out scrapbook pages and wood projects like none other. And she remembers everything. Carolee is the one who started the company and keeps it going. She is an amazing artist, and it's too bad 'tole-painting' kind of went out of style because she is really really good at it--a nationally known teacher. But she paid attention to the next "sniff in the wind" as she puts it and switched her company to scrapbooking. She designs and hand-draws many of the papers and supervises the graphic artists while also running her company. She ships product all over the world. I went into work and there was a huge order going to Australia. It's truly phenomenal and I feel lucky to work for Carolee. There are about a dozen more great women who work there, and each is also outstanding. Wow, a woman-owned, woman-run company; now that's cool.
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