gratitude list

Today I'm feeling so much love and gratitude for my family. My heart has been full the past few days...my niece had a darling baby girl - their first - named Allie! Isn't that cute. Becky and Pitt were able to move and so many people helped, (I got to help by tending grandkids,) My sister took my mom to St. George for a week and everything went well, my nephew and his family in Boston were hit by the storm - but not as big as the original forecast, my granddaughters did well in their soccer and dance competitions (thanks to the support of their good parents Aaron and Aimee), and everyone has traveled safely from Mesquite to Idaho Falls and thousands of miles in betweenWhew!


{ Ice Skating }

For the last few years, we've gone ice skating on the day after Christmas - or this year - the day after the day after Christmas. We use email and FB to invite family, friends, friends of family, and family of friends. It's fun to just relax and have fun. This is exactly what kids need after being cooped up in grandma's house with new toys, candy, and cousins. Speaking of cousins - that's our seven above. They're so awesome (says Grammy!). 
 I love everything about this picture. It just makes me smile every time I look at it. I'm probably going to put it on the wedding wall just for the smile factor. These two are an absolute delight!!
They don't rent skates for one year olds, but Hollis had fun riding on the ice in her stroller. I love that the ice center allows strollers on the ice.
Here's little cousin Gordon in his stroller. He's a cutie anyway, but being on the ice in the stroller  just lit up his little face. 

 Lizzie decided to experience the best of both worlds...skating and strollering. Her cute mama loved it all.
Merilee came from SLC to bring our mom to the party. Behind her is cousin Tyler - he's leaving for his mission in Taipei, Taiwan in two weeks! That's his dad right behind him (my brother Doug) thinking to himself, "Don't fall, Tyler. This would not be a good time to break your arm." Also in the pic are my two nieces, Mary's girls, Adrian and Abby and with the pink phone, my niece, Jennifer.
Now that's better - Tyler holding onto the stroller lol. Cheering them on is Tyler's b-i-l, Scott who's also a Las Vegas boy (no relation to Winston) that learned to ice skate by playing hockey.
Here is another cool-great thing about the Eccles Ice Center. They have cute little walkers for the kids who are just learning to sakte. This is another three-year-old cousin (my brother, Doug's grandson) with his dad, Matt Weed. If you look through these pictures, there are three little Weed boys...in black and blue, black and yellow, and black and red parkas. Two are twins - Byron and Porter and Gordon is the little brother. My niece, Michelle, has her hands full!
Scott's sister, Mary and all her reflections always comes and brings her family. We had Corey, Abbey and Adrian - but they didn't skate. Just Mary graced the ice with her elegant poses.
 Scott's cousin, Craig Watts (and Dorothy) came to check in on us but couldn't stay. Next year...
Suzie and Grandma Jean. I'm so grateful to Merilee for coming to Logan and helping mom come to the party. No, mom didn't skate, in case you were wondering.
Mike - that form!
 I loved everyone in their skinny jeans and figure skates.
 Brooklyn is the iPhone camera queen. She specializes in selfies - but she gets lots of cousin pics too.
Winston helped hold cousin Claire while Suzie had Lizzie. They aren't really skating yet, but getting a feel for it. I'm hoping these girls can skate a few times every year. I really believe that kids need to know some basic life "fun skills" like skating - both ice and roller skating. Winston knows how to ice skate really well and he grew up in Las Vegas, so I know it can be done! And tennis. Ping Pong. Chess (I never learned to play chess and I love that Scott teaches it to our grandkids.) Skiing and golf could be on the list, but the expense makes them not as common. But, for sure swimming. What else?
We really had fun. I feel bad that we didn't get a group picture. There were lots of people at the party that I don't even have in these photos.