FaMily PhoTOs

We try to take a family photo every year. When I bring it up, it elicits a group groan, but then everyone knows it's a good thing, so they go into endurance mode and wear what I ask and get very cute and smile darling for the camera. I love them all for that. For 2017, we were in St. George for a really fun Thanksgiving, so we had Scott's brother-in-law, Mark, an avid and excellent photographer come and take the pics. Scott's sister, Patti, was also there helping get us arranged and getting the little kids to smile. They were both awesome. Above is the very first photo we took and ended up to be our best pic out of many many pics in four different locations. Below, the grandkids were awesome (once we got the boys down off the big rocks which they really wanted to climb). The last photo is my favorite from the photo shoot. I love the action shot of Mike's wife, Sierra, as she scurries to get out of the picture. 


seLdom liKed

Happy Birthday to me...on the day before my 64th birthday. Just had to have a photo record, because this is my last year before retirement lol. And I like this pic. (I hardly ever say that...just ask Scott.)


PaRk CitY - to ski (or not to ski)

We love Park City - and try to have one ski day there each year. This time, I was too nervous about my knee to dare to ski (which is ridiculous because I had the arthroscopy 18 months ago lol). But I just know that if I fell and it bent back, it'd hurt so badly that I'd embarrass my self with crying. So Scott had to ski alone and darn it, I had to go to the outlet mall.
It was a beautiful weekend - surprisingly warm, but like all of Utah this winter, there was lots and lots of snow. The best part was that baby Ivy came for a sleepover. Oh, and Mike and Sierra too. It was fun to have them hang out and entertain us.

Baby Ivy's gRowiNg

This little granddaughter has been a JOY! She's the sweetest little thing, the most tolerant and quiet baby I've ever encountered. (Her parents may have their own side of the story.) But really, she's a delight. The best part, though, has been watching our son in his new role of DAD. He's so cute with her, and our d-i-l, Sierra, is a darling mama. There's so much love when those little ones come and new families blossom.

This family photos just makes me want to smile, laugh, cry, and shout THANKS!


beautiful LoGan Canyon

It was a gorgeous October day when we were delighted by a visit from Aaron, Aimee and family! We decided to check out Logan River and the ducks at First Dam. It was a beautiful autumn day and every picture - whether of people or ducks or the scenery - was spectacular. 


Emmett's BiRthDay Bear

I woke up early one morning with the thought, "Emmett needs to go to Build-A-Bear for his birthday. (I guess I had been sleeping with birthday gifts on my mind.) So I sent an invitation to him via email and we were set! We chose a day that Grandpa could come too - a photographer is always good to have along. We had so much fun because it was the first time for all of us to build a bear.

Emmett chose Boba Fett for his bear. He's soft and cuddly yet very cool. Emmett WAS Boba Fett for Halloween last year, so he was super excited to make his favorite character. The clerk was great at promoting the excitement for Boba Fett. The bear got his own tent and a backpack for Emmett to carry him. Oh, and a heartbeat. 

After the bear creating, we ate corndogs and visited the Lego store to look at...what else...Star Wars Legos. Scott is one of the original Star Wars fans. He seriously was first in line in 1977 to see the original movie when most people had never even heard of Star Wars. 

This little girl was so happy throughout the afternoon. She didn't cry for her own bear or fuss about waiting. Her reward was to go to the Mac counter in Nordstrom so Becky's friend could pretty her up with a little makeup.


Lizzie's biRtHdaY

Lizzie turned 5, and we were there to celebrate her birthday. It's always fun to go to Lizzie's house because she recruits us to play with her. She has crafts and blocks and lots of dolls and houses.

Suzie and Lizzie made this darling house for their Calico Critters. It has little quilts on the beds and scrapbook paper wallpaper and carpet. Lizzie loves arranging the critter families. And putting them to bed each night - in their pjs and getting them up and dressed each morning. A labor of love.

My favorite Disney costume is the (fairly) new Elena of Avalor. It's just a TV series right now...maybe a movie is coming. I just love her red floral print dress...the first Disney princess to be dressed in red! All three younger granddaughters got the Elena dress for their birthdays. 

One evening, we went for a long walk in beautiful warm weather. And had a delicious birthday dinner...Winston is a master at steaks on the grill.

We also went to see several model homes - a favorite activity for Suzie and me. The homes and landscaping (pools) are always fabulous!

Happy Birthday, Lizzie!


haPPy BiRthday Hollis

This little girl turned 3! Hollis is a bright light in our family and a joy to her grandparents. When she was just learning to talk, she got straight to her grandpa Scott's heart by calling him "bompia" in a cute little voice. The name stuck, and for a long time we all called Scott bompia. 

Hollie's birthday celebrations stretched out over about ten days. Between their travel and ours, we didn't get to celebrate on the day. But that doesn't matter to a three year old. She loved her gifts, and like everything in her life, she got right to playing and having fun. 

And here is Hollis in her Elena of Avalor dress. So very pretty. Happy Birthday, Hollis Jean!


nEw granddaughTer

Our son, Mike, and his cute wife Sierra welcomed their first baby - a beautiful new daughter - on Monday, April 4, 2016! 
The baby came a week earlier than her due date and surprised us all. AND she also suprised us because she came quickly. Scott and I got the the hospital just a few minutes after the delivery. We had expected to be there late into the night - but she came at 10:12 pm after a short (but intense) labor of about six hours. 

We were all so excited when Mike announced her name. Ivy Raymond! I had been hoping for that name, because it's a favorite. I love our little Ivy.
 Mike and Sierra are so happy to finally see their little daughter - fine and healthy and BEAUTIFUL!
  The new dad.
 Aaron and Aimee live close by, so they were able to come and see our newest cousin. Their four kids will have so much fun with this new baby.
 All of Sierra's family were also there - two brothers and one sister and two spouses. And of course, Sierra's awesome parents Bryce and Leslie. This is their first grandchild.
This is a really fun little tidbit. Ivy was born on her grandma Leslie's 50th birthday! And even better, Ivy's birthdate is 4-4-16 and Leslie's is 4-4-66. I'm so happy for Leslie and this special happening.