nEw granddaughTer

Our son, Mike, and his cute wife Sierra welcomed their first baby - a beautiful new daughter - on Monday, April 4, 2016! 
The baby came a week earlier than her due date and surprised us all. AND she also suprised us because she came quickly. Scott and I got the the hospital just a few minutes after the delivery. We had expected to be there late into the night - but she came at 10:12 pm after a short (but intense) labor of about six hours. 

We were all so excited when Mike announced her name. Ivy Raymond! I had been hoping for that name, because it's a favorite. I love our little Ivy.
 Mike and Sierra are so happy to finally see their little daughter - fine and healthy and BEAUTIFUL!
  The new dad.
 Aaron and Aimee live close by, so they were able to come and see our newest cousin. Their four kids will have so much fun with this new baby.
 All of Sierra's family were also there - two brothers and one sister and two spouses. And of course, Sierra's awesome parents Bryce and Leslie. This is their first grandchild.
This is a really fun little tidbit. Ivy was born on her grandma Leslie's 50th birthday! And even better, Ivy's birthdate is 4-4-16 and Leslie's is 4-4-66. I'm so happy for Leslie and this special happening.