: this summer :

Thinking I should post a few pics from our family vacation before summer's over. We love our little getaways  because it's a special time when we're all together. Even though we had a few work and dancing lessson conflicts, with some of us coming and going, we had times when we were ALL there. Those are the best times. We chose to go to Snowbird because it was close and we could use points from our Hilton timeshare. Little did we know what a fun summer resort it would be. There was something for everyone to do. And the summer scenery couldn't have been more spectacular - especially from the Aerial Tram that took us to the 11,000 foot summit of Hidden Peak.
Becky and Pitt led the hike - we went to Alta ski resort near Snowbird in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Check out Emmett following his parents. Thanks to Pitt, Emmett's done the hike thing many times. 

Brookie Cookie

Scott on the bungee trampoline. 
This is Sierra, Mike's girlfriend, doing flips and super high trampoline jumps.  

Above is Aaron on the climbing wall. He was a climber (in high school) before rock climbing was cool. He still has the love and ability for it. Below, Scott and Brookie are racing up the wall and little Bailee is getting started with a little help from Dad. 

And THIS is Aimee ! I was so impressed with her. She's a mom of four with a year-old baby and look at her rock the rock wall! 

This is Aim and Suz on the fun, fast flying zip line. 

Love this photo of Mike and Sierra. 

The alpine slide was my personal favorite.

So fun to watch our little glamour girl in the pool with her parents! 

Bailee loves the water and Becky will patiently spend hours in the pool with the kids.
We had an "in-between" first birthday party for babies Claire and Elizabeth who are two months apart. 

They're cute, but seeing their happy moms is even cuter to me! 

Since it was Olympics week we had to do our own games. I'm competing with Mike on the balance beam.
Winston and Aimee go after the push-up medal.

Syncronized swimming by team Aaron and Brookie.
It's just the babies, the diapers, and the cupcakes. Oh, and of course, the pink hair bows.                                                          (The photos are out of order because Blogger has a mind of its own tonight.)

                                 Aaron and Brookelyn doing handstands.

The one year olds compete in the crawling race.

Here we are. 


{ amazing sunsets }

Scott has been taking photos of our amazing sunsets this past week. One evening he was shooting pics of the sunset above the beautiful arcs of water in our next-door-neighbor's field. He knows I LOVE to see water from big farm sprinklers. As he shot his pictures the horses in the field suddenly began to gallop across the grass. Such a gorgeous summer sight.
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