- under the tree -

For the first time in a few years, Scott set up the 'electric train' that he still has from his childhood. Emmett loved watching the train go round and round the Christmas tree. It's true that the sound is quite hypnotic and calming.

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[ spirit of giving ]

Carter and Bailee were "bored" on the day after the day after Christmas - yes that would be Tuesday - so we pulled out the foam craft kits I'd been saving for just such a time.

They had fun decorating cute little foam trees and gingerbread men, and it kept them occupied for a good hour while their mom and dad packed the car to go home.

Then Carter got an idea. He excitedly told me that he was making his trees to give to Santa! And Santa would put them in his bag and take them to other little boys and girls so they would be happy! His cute voice was so enthusiastic and sincere.

His desire to share at age 3 1/2 was heart warming.

It was THE perfect ending to a wonderful Christmas.
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~ together ~

What can I say? These are do-it-yourself family photos taken on Dec. 26 with an auto timer and fingers crossed.
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Christmas Day

image by Susan Branch

Grammy and Carter after Christmas Day church.

Christmas Day dinner with cousins from both sides & a game that Scott found called Pallina.

My parents making a phone call to Japan to say Merry Christmas to my brother Gary and his family. Joy through the world!
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