{ babies in a row }

This was an event to remember! Six little 'second cousins' were born within two months of each other. I managed to get them all together for a little photo shoot last month. It was comical to try to arrange them on the couch. None of them was at the sitting-up stage, so posing them was impossible; they just leaned and fell over onto each other. Oh, they were so darling. Almost as cute as the babies was the moms and grandparents looking on. I love how you can see them in the mirror.

I gave the photos to my mom (the great-grandmother of these babies) for her birthday, which is today. She's 82 years old today and in love with all these babies.

I have one sister and two brothers. Each of us had grandchildren born in between July and September. For me, two little granddaughters. Gary had a granddaughter, Merilee, a grandson, and Doug got twin grandsons - their first grandchildren! So in our group shot, there are three girls and three boys. Their parents, of course, are first cousins. There had to be a photo!

The idea came to me when I saw these little baby pj's at the store...the red and white stripes are cute enough, but those reindeer faces on the bottoms and on the feet...irresistible! How fun it would be to dress the babies in the pj's and take their pictures together.

I didn't think we could pull it off. But everyone was able to come - some traveling a long distance to be here for the photo. Look at how the oldest baby was just far enough along in his development to hold up his cute little head in this shot.

I knew the little girls' moms would want their pj's to be feminine, so I got red dot grosgrain ribbon and Aimee and Brookelyn helped my sew bows onto the reindeer heads on the bottoms and the feet. It did the trick - they were adorable!

I love this picture of all the families gathered and waiting for the photo shoot to start. And I have to thank and compliment Arika Averett, our wonderful photographer. She did a great job!
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