done, done, and done

I lifted this post right off the ADORNit blog. (I thought it was OK, since I'm the one who created the post and sighed a huge sigh of relief.)

I wrote most of the words for this project book and also made four pincushions and sewed a quilt. We've been so seasonally mixed up lately at work...we were sewing the heart projects through the Halloween season, writing the words over Thanksgiving, and editing while we planned Christmas. Our book is really very charming and accomplishes our goal of showing off the new ADORNit Happy Hearts fabric line. The book will accompany the fabrics when they arrive at quilt shops all over the world!

Here's what I wrote:

Did you hear that huge sigh of relief? Maybe you saw an extra sparkle in the sky because of the big smiles here at ADORNit. Why are we so happy? Well, we finished the Happy Hearts Pattern Book – a huge, love-filled project that we’ve been working on for the past six weeks.

This pattern book seems extra special because the projects are for Valentine’s Day – though any of them are adaptable to any time of year. Still, there’s something wonderful about the colors and sentiments that are related to Valentine’s. Sewing our quilts gave us happy hearts – the fabric just does that to you. You’ve got to love designer Carolee’s touch of folk art and smattering of hand-written sayings. And of course, hearts everywhere! This fabric collection is fun and easy to use for both quilting and crafting.

We can’t wait to share our pattern book with you! It should be arriving at your local quilt shop in a matter of weeks! Watch for it alongside the Happy Hearts Collection – 18 fabrics with ribbon (and paper!) to match.

We’ll be sharing more about the projects & products after Christmas.