{ sock party }

That thing that loomed in front of me for such a long time is here.
It's tomorrow.
The Raymond Family Christmas Party.
It's our year to be in charge.
That means I'm in charge, even though it's Scott's family.
He tries to help. Barely.
When he thinks of it.

I'm a big-time "theme-y" person. If I can think of a theme for something, I can then get the ideas flowing. This year I decided to have a "Christmas Stocking" theme for the party. When I sent the invitations, I asked everyone to wear Christmas socks to our Christmas Sock Hop.

I recruited Becky to help me figure out some games. We're playing a name-that-tune game and a game similar to a cake walk - only we're calling it the sock hop. I hope everyone will be in a festive mood and dance around in their stocking feet to some fun Christmas music. Scott and Mike will be thrilled. I picked up some cute sock-related prizes, and everyone will be a winner.

In November, I stumbled onto a whole display of cute little sock monkey toys at Kohls. I bought them to use as prizes for the kids. And little Christmas stockings with lotion in them for the women, and for the men, socks with McDonald's Happy Meals gift cards. The sock monkeys are the best.

I asked everyone to bring a pair of socks to donate to sub-for-Santa. It's a simple donation, but such a bright thing to help someone have a new pair of stockings.

I sent the invitations digitally - e-vites from punchbowl.com which is a good website with free invitations that are animated and have cute art. There are ads you have to put up with, but since it's all free, it's OK. I was proud of the family - most of them 'got' the whole online reply game and played it well - pretty soon I had a list of yes, no, and not respond. It made figuring out the numbers for the party much easier. Not to mention the time and money saved by not making paper invites. (I hope that last statement doesn't get me fired lol.)

The images for this post are from Martha Stewart.com and Southern Living.com. Just cuz I'm in the mood for socks!