Lizzie's biRtHdaY

Lizzie turned 5, and we were there to celebrate her birthday. It's always fun to go to Lizzie's house because she recruits us to play with her. She has crafts and blocks and lots of dolls and houses.

Suzie and Lizzie made this darling house for their Calico Critters. It has little quilts on the beds and scrapbook paper wallpaper and carpet. Lizzie loves arranging the critter families. And putting them to bed each night - in their pjs and getting them up and dressed each morning. A labor of love.

My favorite Disney costume is the (fairly) new Elena of Avalor. It's just a TV series right now...maybe a movie is coming. I just love her red floral print dress...the first Disney princess to be dressed in red! All three younger granddaughters got the Elena dress for their birthdays. 

One evening, we went for a long walk in beautiful warm weather. And had a delicious birthday dinner...Winston is a master at steaks on the grill.

We also went to see several model homes - a favorite activity for Suzie and me. The homes and landscaping (pools) are always fabulous!

Happy Birthday, Lizzie!


haPPy BiRthday Hollis

This little girl turned 3! Hollis is a bright light in our family and a joy to her grandparents. When she was just learning to talk, she got straight to her grandpa Scott's heart by calling him "bompia" in a cute little voice. The name stuck, and for a long time we all called Scott bompia. 

Hollie's birthday celebrations stretched out over about ten days. Between their travel and ours, we didn't get to celebrate on the day. But that doesn't matter to a three year old. She loved her gifts, and like everything in her life, she got right to playing and having fun. 

And here is Hollis in her Elena of Avalor dress. So very pretty. Happy Birthday, Hollis Jean!