:: summer to fall ::

It is the summer's great last heat,

It is the fall's first chill: They meet.

–Sarah Piatt


~ life happens ~

Little did I know ten days ago when I last posted on my blog what meaning the sign above would have later in the month. I saw the sign on Pinterest and thought that it would be nice to use when I write a blog post  about this month's huge project of helping my parents move from their home to a new smaller "retirement" condo not far away. So I copied the picture of the sign to an unpublished page on my blog with the intention of adding the words when I had some time. The words have so much more meaning today than they did before.

The move hasn't been simple because of unexpected health problems starting with my mom getting shingles on the second night in their new home. Shingles are very painful and hard to handle. Following were a series of stress-filled occurances including three trips to the emergency room and admission to the hospital for my poor mom. Through it all we have supported each other in every way possible. I was gone for nearly a week and my sister came to Logan to give help where it was needed - and her husband too. Both of my brothers and their wonderful wives have been there whenever they could. Grandchildren have helped out - especially with packing and cleaning the old house. My mom's two sisters spent hours and hours here doing what they could. My dad has had the heaviest burdens and has been an amazing example of strength and endurance. Oh, and mom too, she's endured with patience and dignity. I've been so grateful for the love I've felt. We have all united our faith for a bright future. 


- Celebrate America Dinner -

My parents have a tradtion of taking us (their kids and spouses) to "Celebrate America" - a dinner and patriotic show with 40's-style music and dancing. The best part of the evening is watching my mom and dad enjoy the "Glenn Miller" music.

We loved it this year because Gary and Lesa were with us. They're back after their seven years in Japan.

Doug (my wonderful little brother) and Kimberly (also wonderful).

Merilee (my little sister) and Val. Love them so much. 

Mom and Dad looking nice as always.
 Merilee and Dad always jump on the dance floor when the jitterbug starts. 

The USU Ballroom is named for my Dad. This year there is a new plaque with his name and information about him on the plaque. We were excited about it. Dad loved USU, the campus, and students and gave his whole heart and career to the university. 

The write-up is excellent and nicely describes Dad's work and accomplishments,

This picture is to commemorate our 38th anniversary. On September 4, l974, we had our wedding reception in the Taggart Student Center Juniper Lounge. We stood right in front of this rock wall - surrounded by beautiful flowers and candelabras - and greeted a long line of guests. 
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~ trip to vancouver ~

Capilano Suspension Bridge - awesome.

Cute Japanese tourists - the girls screamed all the way across the bridge. 

Granville Island with the city in the background.
I was intrigued by the people on paddle boards in the harbor.

Scott found an art store and bought some pencils for sketching.  

And I found a quilt shop that was filled with both familiar and new fabrics and patterns. 
We rode bikes around Stanley Park. 

Stanley Park beach at sunset. 
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{ lately }

The swamp cooler couldn't keep up it was so hot, and then we didn't even need to turn it on. It happened in one night - the temps just got cooler. You can thank the Raymonds for the (little bit of) rain over the weekend. 

Yes, we finally had our windows washed last week - on Tuesday. It was a blazing hot day. The window cleaner guys came at noon, and I felt so sorry for them all afternoon. I was glad I had to leave to go to work and not have to feel guilty about the two men literally frying on the side of our house. At 4:45, I was driving home from work and looked at the thermostat in my car and it said 101 degrees. I pulled into the driveway and one of them was staggering across the hot asphalt with a dazed look in his eyes. I thought to myself that the heat was really having an effect and next time I would insist that they start early in the morning because of our high windows and the work of hauling super-tall ladders around our yard. 

I then learned the real reason for poor Paul's condition...he had just run into a bike in our garage. It's worse than you think. The bike was hanging from the ceiling and he hit it with his head as he was running at full speed through the garage. He showed me the injury...a huge bump and cut scalp. We wondered if he'd need stitches. Needless to say, they were through for the day. No more ladder climbing for him. 

The next morning I got up early to work on a writing project. It was cool; it felt different. It even smelled different outside. I had to put on my long-sleeve tee and fuzzy socks as I sat at the computer. And at noon when the workers arrived it was still cool. The sky was cloudy and gray. Everyone was smiling...even the window cleaners as they enthusiastically talked to me about their rain guarantee. It just felt so good. 

BUT, I have to say that I don't like it. Not one bit. I'd rather have 95. I love summer. It's my favorite season. I don't want to feel the crisp, cool breeze or see the bits of orange peeking through the green canyon landscape. No, please. We haven't had enough and haven't done enough and what happened to the hikes and cook outs and bike rides? We've had a few wonderful Sunday afternoons like below (and thank goodness for photos), and I need to get outside and enjoy what's left.