{ lately }

The swamp cooler couldn't keep up it was so hot, and then we didn't even need to turn it on. It happened in one night - the temps just got cooler. You can thank the Raymonds for the (little bit of) rain over the weekend. 

Yes, we finally had our windows washed last week - on Tuesday. It was a blazing hot day. The window cleaner guys came at noon, and I felt so sorry for them all afternoon. I was glad I had to leave to go to work and not have to feel guilty about the two men literally frying on the side of our house. At 4:45, I was driving home from work and looked at the thermostat in my car and it said 101 degrees. I pulled into the driveway and one of them was staggering across the hot asphalt with a dazed look in his eyes. I thought to myself that the heat was really having an effect and next time I would insist that they start early in the morning because of our high windows and the work of hauling super-tall ladders around our yard. 

I then learned the real reason for poor Paul's condition...he had just run into a bike in our garage. It's worse than you think. The bike was hanging from the ceiling and he hit it with his head as he was running at full speed through the garage. He showed me the injury...a huge bump and cut scalp. We wondered if he'd need stitches. Needless to say, they were through for the day. No more ladder climbing for him. 

The next morning I got up early to work on a writing project. It was cool; it felt different. It even smelled different outside. I had to put on my long-sleeve tee and fuzzy socks as I sat at the computer. And at noon when the workers arrived it was still cool. The sky was cloudy and gray. Everyone was smiling...even the window cleaners as they enthusiastically talked to me about their rain guarantee. It just felt so good. 

BUT, I have to say that I don't like it. Not one bit. I'd rather have 95. I love summer. It's my favorite season. I don't want to feel the crisp, cool breeze or see the bits of orange peeking through the green canyon landscape. No, please. We haven't had enough and haven't done enough and what happened to the hikes and cook outs and bike rides? We've had a few wonderful Sunday afternoons like below (and thank goodness for photos), and I need to get outside and enjoy what's left.