~ life happens ~

Little did I know ten days ago when I last posted on my blog what meaning the sign above would have later in the month. I saw the sign on Pinterest and thought that it would be nice to use when I write a blog post  about this month's huge project of helping my parents move from their home to a new smaller "retirement" condo not far away. So I copied the picture of the sign to an unpublished page on my blog with the intention of adding the words when I had some time. The words have so much more meaning today than they did before.

The move hasn't been simple because of unexpected health problems starting with my mom getting shingles on the second night in their new home. Shingles are very painful and hard to handle. Following were a series of stress-filled occurances including three trips to the emergency room and admission to the hospital for my poor mom. Through it all we have supported each other in every way possible. I was gone for nearly a week and my sister came to Logan to give help where it was needed - and her husband too. Both of my brothers and their wonderful wives have been there whenever they could. Grandchildren have helped out - especially with packing and cleaning the old house. My mom's two sisters spent hours and hours here doing what they could. My dad has had the heaviest burdens and has been an amazing example of strength and endurance. Oh, and mom too, she's endured with patience and dignity. I've been so grateful for the love I've felt. We have all united our faith for a bright future.