lousy bums

Looked out the back window and saw the five lousy bums who ate all of my tulips. These guys and the rest of their herd hang out in the fields behind our house but take occasional side trips into our yard to munch on shrubs and lovely spring flowers. I have one tulip standing out of a hundred. I used to put shavings of Irish Spring soap around the tulips, but this year I didn't, and the deer had a feast. Good thing the deer don't like daffodils or hyacinth or I'd be moving.
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:: true story ::

I got a Crate and Barrel catalog in the mail this week, and it reminded me that I've never told the story of "the dresser," so here goes. I'm still incredulous when I remember what the company did to solve my little problem. But gratefully impressed with their awesome customer service! 

 I'd been looking for a cupboard or cabinet or chest to fill an empty spot in our back entry and to use to store my growing fabric stash. I finally found the one I loved and ordered it (thanks Becky for convincing me to order it in the color I really wanted - navy - rather than the safe white color). It's the perfect size and color and fits in the space nicely. There's room inside for four fat-quarter-filled baskets plus storage for other supplies in the drawers. Did I mention that the blue color makes me happy?  

 It was delivered on a snowy day by only one delivery guy. He unpacked the dresser in the truck and hauled it in all by himself. He was panting and groaning and commenting that he was worried about the roads in the canyon. He asked me if I knew where I wanted the shelves, and in my nice and undemanding way, I just said, "Oh, we'll put them in later...don't worry about it." So he set the shelves against the wall and left.

Later, I recruited Scott to install the shelves in the dresser - but we discovered there were no pins to support the shelves. There was no packaging to look through because the dresser had been unpacked in the truck. I called Crate and Barrel customer service and told them my story.

Customer service was very helpful and sent the brackets right out "next day air." We got them - four of them - not the eight that we needed. Then Scott discovered that they were too small for the holes they were supposed to go in. I called the same customer service lady (special for furniture) and told her the problem. She said that she'd send another set. Scott grabbed the phone and told her to NOT SEND THE SAME BRACKETS. He quickly measured the hole and told her the exact size they needed to be. Two days later, yup, the exact same brackets came to my door. Eight of them this time.

Another phone call to customer service - the conversation this time almost made me laugh out loud. She explained that the size of brackets for our dresser were not in their "replacement inventory," and the only way to solve the problem would be to send us a new dresser. 
 Above is the truck with the new dresser AND shelf brackets on board. I had to get a picture to prove that this really happened. The delivery guys came to my door and asked where to put it. I showed them the spot and explained the situation (which they knew nothing about). They kind of looked at each other like..."We came all the way to Logan for this?" There were actually THREE  guys this time. Three huge men to carry in eight tiny pins.

They installed my shelves and dusted the dresser so it was nice and clean. 

I had to get a photo of the other dresser which now has no shelf pins in it. I suppose it will end up in some "seconds" sale and some lucky person will get it for half price and a quick trip to Home Depot for the right size pins. 
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Easter weekend

How fun to spend Easter weekend with Suzie and Winston and help out while they went to a family wedding.
Saturday was baby's first Easter Egg hunt - I'm pretty sure mom and dad had more fun than anyone.

This baby is the youngest of 33 grandkids on her dad's side. They were all gathered around laughing at her sitting in her Easter basket.
Can't wait to get into all that candy.
So sweet!
Yummm - prunes mixed with rice cereal.

Ohhh bedtime...it feels so good to take those piggie tails out.


Dad's birthday

For my Dad's 85th birthday, we had a big birthday shindig with a nice crowd and yummy food. I was so grateful to my brother and sister-in-law, Doug and Kimberly and son Tyler, for decorating the room with "classic" party decorations..lots of balloons, candy, and party favors. It was a fun and happy night.

Grandpa and Carter with Aaron, baby Claire, and Aimee.

Dad and Mom

Becky, Emmett and the birthday Grandpa.

We played a game that I found hilariously funny.

Little great grandson twins, Byron and Porter, sons of Doug's daughter, Michelle and Matt.

My dad, my brother, Gary, and Gary's four sons.

My mom's two cute sisters, Aunt Nadine and Aunt Norma.
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