the last nyc photos

This is the ceiling of one of the rooms in...the New York Public Library. Huh. And below this ceiling is a roomful of computers. A few card catalogs and a lot of moniters.

We toured the Intrepid - an aircraft carrier from pre-WWII that Scott had read about.

It was amazing to see every nook and cranny of that huge ship.

One of our favorite things was watching a free production of the Shakespeare play Richard III in Central Park. What was unique was that when there was a scene change, the audience moved about the park with the cast. The play was well done with traditional costumes and action-packed fight scenes. It was fun to move from place to place.

We had a wonderful breakfast with Scott's nephew, Scott Savage, who has lived in NYC for the past three years and just graduated from Pratt - architecture school. We got to meet Scott's girlfriend Annie - also an architecture graduate. We had a yummy breakfast at Morandi in Grenwich Village. Yeah, we thought we were pretty cool.

Scott and Scott. We always called him Scottie. He's a fabulous artist too, and he likes to cook. (To me, that's the most amazing.) He has a rooftop garden and raises tomatoes by collecting rainwater from an ajoining apartment building in an elaborate system he built.

Annie is bright and darling and smart. I'm so glad we got to meet her. I asked her a million questions - I always want the whole story!

Next Scott went to the Metropolitan Art Museum and made a sketch of this thousands-of-years-old Egyptian gate.
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{ sewing and knitting in soho }

I've read on blogs about the New York City fabric store called Purl Soho, so it was top on my list of places I wanted to visit in NYC. We wandered up and down fun streets in Soho, stopping at art galleries and stores like CB2, until we finally arrived at my top destination.

It was just like visiting the website! There were the projects and supplies that I've looked at online.

Scott took lots of photos of the walls of color.

Good thread in every hue.

Gorgeous yarns - this place is a knitter and crocheter's dream come true.

The fabric selection was smaller than I expected, but very fun to look at. Quite an eclectic collection of whimsical, artsy, modern, creative, and unusual fabrics. Lots of Japanese prints, Denyse Schmidt fabrics, and "famous" designers like Heather Ross and Amy Butler.

I bought a bundle of fat quarters in gray and blue tones. My kind of souvenir!

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nYc StReeT scEneS

My last blog post was all words, and this post is all photos. These are scenes from our 1000 miles of walking in New York City. The first few photos are at a little park called Bryant Park in front of the New York Public Library. It was a beautiful day and such a charming location. The last photo is of the LDS temple located across from the Lincoln Center. Gotta get to work! Enjoy.

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* new york observations *

  • Scott and I are in NYC, and like the Apple Store on 5th Avenue that's open 24/7, we seem to be going going going all day and late into the night.
  • Women are well dressed here. Really, everyone is 'dressed up' and stylish. I have loved people watching here because everyone looks fabulous.
  • How can all these women wear such gorgeous shoes? I know they walk miles every day...but still, they all have on great heels or cute sandals.
  • Most people here are thin or at most, average. I mean, it's really something I've noticed. Maybe it's all the walking.
  • If you're a pedestrian in this city you'd better stay alert and obey the cross-walk signals.
  • I have had a few wild rides in my life, but the shuttle ride from the airport to our hotel ranks up there at the top.
  • One of the top things in a shuttle driver's bag of tricks is his horn. Honking the horn in a timely and appropriate manner is a true skill.
  • The 5th Avenue Apple Store is a crystal cube filled with magic! It's open all day and all night. We were in there at midnight on Saturday night and the place was packed.
  • The "in" jewelry at Tiffany's (at least the items that filled the jewelry cases at the front entrance of the store) is old-fashioned key pendants on gold or silver chains. Some are diamond studded.
  • If you wondered where all of the old Singer sewing machines went (quilters want these for traveling to workshops and classes), they are collected at a store called All Saints. It's a store like Anthropologie - young hip clothes and shoes - but the decor includes walls and walls that are filled floor to ceiling with Singers. There are also old bobbins and factory sewing machines everywhere. Kind of wierd and disconnected. This store is in Soho, so maybe it's a former factory or something.
  • Soho, Loho and Noho. All cool and oh, so filled with people. Crowds and crowds of people.
  • The economic recovery is alive and well in NYC. The fitting room and check out lines in stores like American Eagle, Abercrombie, Gap, Banana Republic etc. are a mile long.
  • Psychedelic prints - groovy - are in style and everywhere. Takes me back to Jr. High.
  • Eating is not a priority for Scott.