the last nyc photos

This is the ceiling of one of the rooms in...the New York Public Library. Huh. And below this ceiling is a roomful of computers. A few card catalogs and a lot of moniters.

We toured the Intrepid - an aircraft carrier from pre-WWII that Scott had read about.

It was amazing to see every nook and cranny of that huge ship.

One of our favorite things was watching a free production of the Shakespeare play Richard III in Central Park. What was unique was that when there was a scene change, the audience moved about the park with the cast. The play was well done with traditional costumes and action-packed fight scenes. It was fun to move from place to place.

We had a wonderful breakfast with Scott's nephew, Scott Savage, who has lived in NYC for the past three years and just graduated from Pratt - architecture school. We got to meet Scott's girlfriend Annie - also an architecture graduate. We had a yummy breakfast at Morandi in Grenwich Village. Yeah, we thought we were pretty cool.

Scott and Scott. We always called him Scottie. He's a fabulous artist too, and he likes to cook. (To me, that's the most amazing.) He has a rooftop garden and raises tomatoes by collecting rainwater from an ajoining apartment building in an elaborate system he built.

Annie is bright and darling and smart. I'm so glad we got to meet her. I asked her a million questions - I always want the whole story!

Next Scott went to the Metropolitan Art Museum and made a sketch of this thousands-of-years-old Egyptian gate.
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