todAy I did A whoLe lot of cAtch up

After a month of intense (BUT VERY FUN) planning and sewing and writing and editing, the "Adorable Owls Pattern Book" that we wrote this past month at work is finished and off to press. This is the first sewing book for Adornit - the company designs and manufactures scrapbooking supplies. But now, they've ventured into quilting fabric. What an adventure! I've been involved with this project for about two months. And last night at 9:00, I walked out of work into the warm, fragrant night air and breathed a huge sigh of relief.
Here's what I accomplished today - because I was not at work (or on a trip - also a factor) for the first day in a long time.

I put away my sewing mess and noticed that i had about only a short length of thread on my bobbin. I'm so glad it lasted when I was sewing this cute kid's marker holder. Stopping to rethread the bobbin when you're almost finished is a bummer.

I pressed one last pinwheel quilt block, ironed a couple of shirts for Scott to wear to work this week, then I put away my iron and ironing board. It folds up into the wall which is so convenient. The iron sits on a little shelf inside. I love my Rowenta iron, BUT, it sputters a lot when I try to use the steam, so I pretty much keep it dry and use a spray bottle. I love how hot it gets. I actually like to iron ...a lot. I did ironing for other people when I was a teenager. I love the smell of ironed pillowcases.
I went through my Picasa photo albums on my computer and realized that there were photos I'd never even looked at or posted. This was at Brookelyn's 'family' birthday party at a park on Cliffside in Logan - in May.
This was at Brookelyn's 'family' birthday party at a park on Cliffside in Logan - in May.

There were tons of great slides and swings at that park, but we had the most fun on this drain cover thing that the kids turn into a slide. It has quite an effect on your boom-dee-a.

Also today, I went to the grocery store to get some stuff to make cookies. I only had store brand butter, and I prefer to use Challenge brand butter for cookies. When I got home I could not find the eggs. It seems I left the eggs, hairspray and a Mint Milky Way bar - either in the cart or on the checkout counter at the store. Arghh. I have to run back tomorrow and see if they wrote it down in their little book where they keep track of crazy people's lost food. How do I know about this book? uh-humm.

I made chocolate chip cookies. I made a double batch from the recipe on the back of the bigger Nestles Toll House Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips bag. It calls for a cup of butter, and instead of doubling the butter, I use a cup of butter and a cup of Crisco. This adds to the healthiness of the cookies and makes them a little more puffy and soft. I have concluded that I really don't like milk chocolate chips. When you eat the cookie you have to search for the chocolate flavor when you use milk chocolate. But Mike and Erm like milk chocolate best, so that's what I made. If you have to use milk chocolate chips, get the Hershey's brand. It has a little more flavor!

I went to visit my friend Erm. (That's why I made the cookies.) She's an old friend who I visit monthly. She makes me laugh and then she makes me pause and reflect on what kind of attitude I have. There she is, sitting in her chair, nearly blind, and with two knee replacements in the past year. Oh, and she lives alone - having lost her husband when he was 52 years old. But does she complain? NO. She talks about how happy she is, how blessed, and how lucky. When I leave Erm's house I have a new outlook on life. How did she raise six kids as a single mother? "One day at a time," she says. I should have that quote printed in vinyl for her.

I worked on the flower beds in my front yard. I had to clean out all the old debris and weeds and old tulips (yes, I am REALLY behind - record-breaking behind.) I went to buy flowers and realized that they are picked over and almost gone. But, because it's the end of the season, I got some killer deals on flowers - I'll just have to give them an extra bit of love and water.

I planted almost all of the petunias I bought. Multi-colored this year - they were the best-looking flats. Then I bought a bunch of salmon-colored petunias for the back yard. I like them because to me the color is kind of old-fashioned and looks good with morning glory.

Oh, I just remembered, I was going to go to bed early tonight so I could get up early and plant the rest of my flowers. Gotta go. I did more today like make some phone calls that I had been procrastinating, and I scrubbed my kitchen sink. I went to the mall and returned three items that had been hanging around for awhile waiting to be returned. I went to Bath and Body and got in on the last day of their sale. Bought me some lotion to add to my "lotion museum" and some foam soap and a 75% off bottle of Velvet Tuberose lotion.

The best thing about my day was when I pulled up to McDonalds REALLY wishing for an Egg McMuffin sandwich with sausage, no cheese and a $1.00 Diet Coke. Yum. It was 10:29 a.m. They stop serving breakfast at 10:30. I felt very lucky...I got my breakfast which gave me energy for the whole day. Eggs do that.