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Happy Fourth of July!

We love L o N g....... holiday weekends. It's Sunday night - we've been eating and visiting for two days already - and the Fourth of July isn't even over yet.

We started Friday night with pizza and family over for the Logan fireworks. In the top photo are Scott's sister Pat's daughters Kim and Teri and Teri's husband Landon. The next photo is my brother Gary's boys Kyle and Craig with Craig's wife Tiffany and little Sophie.

Above is Aaron with our cousin Craig's little girl Sophie. She smiles that cute smile at anyone who sees her. We ordered ten Papa John's pizzas - they were so good that there were only a dozen slices left. Everyone ate and visited and watched the fireworks. The biggest stress of the night for me is that we can barely see the fireworks over the trees that have grown high and wide in our backyard. I love those trees all year except on July 4 from 10 to 11 p.m. Many from our group walked a block to the street for a better view - which I plan to do next year.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed to Craig and Dorothy's house for their annual 4th pancake breakfast. We're thrilled that Marilyn and Dorothy put this together every year and invite us for the fun.

Scott and Craig - best cousins their whole lives and still golfing, raquetballing and flipping pancakes together. Actually Scott just ate the pancakes that Craig cooked.

The grandkids love playing in Dorothy's childhood playhouse. It will be a good memory they'll always have.

It's great to see all of Scott's Watts relatives from the oldest, Aunt Carma, Uncle Cal and Aunt Ann, to the youngest, little Addison from Reno (with mom Millie the daughter of Craig and Dorothy.)

Best of all, we got to meet cousin Brandon's girlfriend, Pam from North Carolina. Jill (Scott's sister) has told us how cute she is, and we all agree!

On Saturday night, Scott, my Dad, and I caught the last few minutes of the parade of antique cars - the Cache Valley Cruise In. We had a lot of fun hearing Dad talk about his memories of certain cars that we saw.

Dad had a Studebaker just like this one when he and my mom got married. More pictures tomorrow!
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