bloggy advice to myself

  • Don't write, "More pictures tomorrow." at the end of a post. The obligation is too stressful.
  • If you're creating a post in a hurry (like, every post) , be satisfied with only four photos. (Explanation: I use an online system called Picasa for photo storage and editing and Blogger for my blog. Both are Google applications and so they work hand in hand. I can choose four photos on Picasa, click one button, and they automatically post to my blog. But if I want to add more photos, it takes time. It's easy, but it takes time. There's always photo dragging involved, which is a drag. And if I'm not careful, I can delete a photo just by breathing too hard - or so it seems.)
  • Please try to keep your post ideas in one place. Writing potential blog wording on scraps of paper, post it notes, napkins, the backs of receipts and other odd places doesn't help one bit when you're trying to think of something to blog about. And DO NOT write your best idea for a blog post ever on the palm of your hand.
  • Post photos of your scrapbook layouts more often.
  • Be a good example and think hard when you're writing the word its. If it's a substitute for "it is" then it takes an apostrophe. If it's possessive (as in "my computer has its problems"), there is no apostrophe needed. It's counter-intuitive, I know, but it's the rule.
  • Make a blog post to say Happy Birthday to Scott. On second thought, forget the blog and give him a much-deserved hug and tell him in person, right now, today, on his birthday.