summer = family reunions

Last Friday at this time, we were at Bear Lake with my family for our annual family get together. Before the memories fade, I want to post some highlights.

My sister Merilee (my only sister) is the best. She's good at everything, but especially "group fun." She's an idea machine and if you ever need to throw a party, she's the one to have on the committee. In the photo above she is running one of several games she planned that were based on the TV show "Minute to Win It." Mike is competing in the marshmallow-on-a-plate-that-you-tip-off-with-a-broom-and-catch-in-a-cup game. It was fun to watch and surprisingly it worked!

Mer also loves the old traditional contests like the CHUG-A-LUG. She bought really fizzy strawberry soda and as they chugged it, it just fizzed out of the mouths of Gary, David, Pitt, Brett, and Derek. Gary won - yes his bottle was empty first, but most of it was down the front of his shirt. You have to be bold on this game; no hesitation!

My parents love every minute of this weekend!

Suzie and Winston were here from Las Vegas - which we loved. When we have a family party and someone isn't there, we feel an empty spot. It just isn't quite the same. We missed Kurt, Katie and Christopher; Devin, Autumn, Jayden, and Triston; Kelby, Michelle and Kloie; and Alex.

Waiting for the dinner bell to ring!

We had perfect weather - it was even warm in the evening which is rare for Bear Lake. There was more than enough food and smiles too! Above are Arika, Derek, Emmett, Pitt, Zach, Sara, Nikki and cute little Avrie.

On the grass - these guys are playing some kind of volleyball, I think. THey also launched rockets, played volleyball, and attracted mosquitos lol.
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