SiNging in the RaIn

What's more fun than an umbrella and a downpour? You'd have thought the circus was in the front yard of grammy's house to see these Las Vegas girls enjoying a beautiful summer rain!

The little one couldn't get enough of splashing in the puddles...she was soaked by the time the rainbow appeared. And Suzie danced her heart out, just like Fred Astaire in the movie...singing and dancing in the rain. 

Like mother, like daughter! And thanks to grandpa grabbing the camera, we have these priceless pictures. 

You can't see in the photo, but it was actually a TRIPLE rainbow - seriously, we could see three rainbows. This one was distinct and easy to see, the second was just above it and really quite visible, and the third rainbow was faint...we had to squint to see it, but it was there. And all were magical.



 There's so much to do on the Fourth of July in Cache Valley. In addition to the fireworks and parades, there is the annual Cache Valley Cruise-In - a show and parade of classic cars. 
Suzie, Lizzie, and Winston arrived just in time to watch to car parade. We were so thrilled to have them come!

Carter was very interested in the cars and carefully took hundreds of photos. Later Grandpa loaded them onto a CD for him to take home. He's going to make a book of his favorite old cars. 

I was thrilled that my mom could come with us. She really enjoyed it and knew and had memories of many of the cars - especially the old Studebaker that was like the one she and dad had when they went on their honeymoon. 
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JuLy FouRth

  Independence Day, 2015!

The Fourth of July always starts with the delightful breakfast at Scott's cousin Craig and Dorothy's house. It's one of our family's favorite traditions. 
Craig cooks the pancakes, eggs and bacon. With a smile...all morning. 

We love it when Scott's Aunt Carma arrives - with her sister and Scott's cousin Marilyn and Al.

Sierra and Bailee - our girls with twin birthdays on Jan. 19. 

We always have to take pictures of the kids in the playhouse. It's a favorite. 

This year, Craig and his family set up their wiffle-ball golf game.

Being with family and friends is the best.


English Language Center SUmMer PiCnic

We love the English Language Center school and the great work they do. We both volunteer there in different ways and are so impressed with both students and staff!