* all is bright *

Seriously, Anthropologie never ceases to amaze me.

This past week we (me, Becky and Aimee) took a little girls' trip that expanded to a family weekend in Las Vegas with Suzie, Winston, and baby Lizzie. On top of a fabulous three days of shopping and laughing, we had a wonderful Sunday with Lizzie's baby blessing and family dinner after. More about that when I get my photos uploaded.

On Thursday we started our shopping marathon (pushing Suzie's little shopping- champ baby in the stroller) at the Galleria Mall in Henderson.

We continued on to Town Square for more shopping and the best giant baked potato ever at Claim Jumper restaurant.

Some of you will appreciate when I say we also stopped in and lost all track of time and place at H&M! That store, whoa.

Fueled by the carbs and sugar from lunch, we decided to top off the day with an evening stroll through the stores at Town Square Mall where all was bright - especially Anthropologie. That place is almost overwhelming. I visited the website this morning just for the memories lol.