sock party success!

The family Christmas party / sock hop was a success!

The kids (and some adults) either wore Christmas socks when they came or put on the dollar-store extras we had in a basket by the door.

Aunt Patti's feet were elf-like!

The cousins from down south decorated their socks with ornaments and tinsel. They won the prize for best socks.

We played musical chairs (but called it a sock hop) with fun Christmas music from Becky's Ipod. The winners got to pick a prize (usually socks) from a big prize basket.

And we played "Name that Tune" but the participants had to play their tunes on their choice of instruments - violin, banjo, keyboard, trumpet, or ukelele.

Cousin Debbie had us all stumped with her tune.

The last game was called "Footsie." We sat in circle with no shoes on. The person in the center was blindfolded and had to find an assigned person (like their sister). Had to feel everyone’s feet to figure out where their sister was. It got funny as the kids ‘got it’ and started putting bare feet or watery feet in the guesser’s hands. I put a pair of big felt socks on one little cousen as her mom was searching for her feet, and the kids thought it was funny how we fooled her. Posted by Picasa