oh, yeah, I have a blog...

I keep forgetting I have a blog. I think about it often, but then when I actually have to remember to go to blogspot.com and post an entry, I forget...even when I'm stalking other blogs ('stalking blogs' - a fittingly descriptive term I learned from my friend Stephanie's daughter, Lacie). I keep asking myself, "How could you be so forgetful?" I know it's because my mind is going a hundred different directions. That's always the excuse of women my age :) The real reason is because, "Sometimes there is a storm in my brain."

Today I got a fun wonderful package in the mail - one I've been anticipating for about two months. There's a cool lady named Sally Jean (I'm not sure if that's her name or if that's just her website name; I think the latter) who makes amazing collaged jewelry pendants and charms - her website is sallyjean.com. I've looked at her stuff for a year and in March I decided to order something. The pieces can be used on a chain for a necklace or as a cool charm bracelet. I spent an hour agonizing over which pendants to get, but I couldn't resist the one that had the word JOY and also the one that said,

"Sometimes there was a storm in her brain."

It makes me smile. I ordered them and paid by Paypal, then kind of forgot about the order because the website said to allow four to six weeks. Today it came, yippee. It was beautifully wrapped and a pleasure to open and see the real things I had ordered. And nice Sally Jean even added another charm for me because the order had taken so long. Here's my loot:

I got this charm because my little grandson Carter was just about to be born. I love anything with the word JOY, and it perfectly described my feelings as baby Carter arrived to Aaron and Aimee, healthy and beautiful. My new JOY pendant is even baby boy blue.

The phrase on this pendant just makes me laugh.

I love the bird and nest theme of this house charm.

This one, called Shopping Fairy, needs to be my
next purchase. It's just so me!

No. 44
Shopping Fair
This is how a charm bracelet would look if I keep collecting these little gems. Which I won't because I'm already on to the next "shiny bright object" (as my nephew Derek would say). My next post will be about a great 'self-improvement' book I've been reading...well sometime soon.