BecKy & Pitt in New York City

Becky and Pitt are in New York City and got tickets to David Letterman. We watched the show hoping to see them...they were lucky that they got seats on the 4th row. Sure enough, halfway through, just after Jimmy Kimmel and before Jimmy Eat World (and Lance Burton's magic act, which Scott and Mike are still discussing how he did it) there they were, right in the middle of the screen. Scott paused the TV and took some photos of the screen. Beck & Pitt are three rows up, center, behind the man with the gray jacket and red shirt. Pitt is wearing purple, Becky is wearing a jacket with light blue sleeves, and they are both clapping. They are having a blast, and it's especially fun because they're staying with cousins Kurt and Katie who are there doing an internship in New Jersey.

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