{ Finally some inspiration! }

I have been struggling with a plan for my flowers out front - just couldn't get inspired to get started. I have a WHOLE bunch of planting to do - about nine pots and a big long strip of flowers that goes up the center of my front sidewalk. The reason I was procrastinating was that I was stuck with all those 'dead' geraniums which I really didn't want to use because they're ugly. Solved that problem by planting the poor things in the backyard where they can hide until they have some time to recover. So now I can start fresh and get the job done. Yesterday I spent the day at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes trying to get inspiration for another project - my basement remodel. Wow, what a materialistic feast that home show was. Later I'll post all my home decor photos. For now, check out the lovely flower pots that have inspired me to use these colors - notice, they're all shades of coral, melon, peach, whatever. I've never used this color exclusively before, and it will take great willpower not to add my favorite blue or violet flowers. It's nice to have a focus now - too bad we're having another cold spell - it's cold and rainy out there, but I just have to DO IT!

{thanks to Home #10 for inspiration}
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