- begin with the end in mind -

I was sad to learn today about the death of Stephen Covey. 

Seeing his photo in the newspaper and on the computer brought back a flood of his words and phrases that have been with me for years and years. 

He helped me raise my kids...as I tried to improve myself.
He influenced my daily actions.
He helped me set goals and do the right thing.
He taught me about integrity. 

I loved the sound of his voice - I listened to his tapes while driving.
I loved his books - I have read many and still have one on my to-read list (The Third Alternative).
I loved his enthusiasm and passion.

Below is a paper that has been on my closet wall for, oh, 15 years. It's my typed notes from a Covey lecture that was given at a meeting of the Utah Ophthalmological Society. I have looked at it so often for so long that it has become unnoticed. You know how that goes. 

Today I re-read my paper and also my notes from several of his lectures. Such good stuff:

And a few more...

"never become too busy to sharpen the saw"

"first things first"

"we can't walk crooked and think straight"

"seek first to understand, then be understood"

"in the thick of thin things" 

"let arguments fly out open windows"

"the tryanny of the urgent"

"have you ever been too busy driving to take time to get gas"

"quadrant one: urgent and important (and so on)"

"mercy must not rob justice"

"begin with the end in mind"

I think it will be said that that is what Stephen Covey did.