:: Scott's Insect Fascination ::

I called Scott into the garage tonight, "Hey, look at this praying mantis," I said, feeling rather smart that I had noticed the insect on a carpet remnant and that I knew what it was. "That's not a praying mantis," said the insect enthusiast, "It's one of those leaf bugs." "Well it's amazing--it really does look like a leaf," I said, ready to move on to more important things, but trying to act interested. "Go get the camera," said Scott, "let's put a picture of the bug on your blog." "I don't want a bug on my blog. If you want the bug blogged you'll have to start your own blog," I said in a rude way, though I don't know why I'd ever want to be rude to such a nice husband. He ignored me and spent half an hour photographing the bug.
So here is the leaf bug on my blog. After seeing the photos, I decided that it was interesting blog material. You'll have to look closely to see the bug on the branch below. It really is a 'wonder of nature.'