mother nature isn't even funny

I haven't even sat on my cute bench for more than five minutes this year. Please...another chance.
My roses look soooo cold.
Waking up to three inches of snow on the ground this morning made me less than happy about the next six months. Yes, I said six months - that puts us into mid-April - which is pretty realistic and miserable. I'm trying to have a positive attitude. I'm trying to convince myself that I can cope with the cold. I'm going to buy more polar fleece clothes tomorrow, because new polar fleece is the warmest. (I am so grateful for polar fleece; have you ever put a fleece blanket in the dryer for about five minutes, then wrapped yourself up in it? Ahhh.)
Today when I arrived at work, frozen to the bone even though my car heater does work, I walked up the stairs and through the door and was greeted with WARMTH. The heat was going full blast. Tammy had cranked it up and it felt so good. (When she got there the temp was 58 in our office area.) Then, when the heat flipped off, I had my own little desk heater that Carolee bought me last year :) So I turned that on, then played my CD of "Deb's Happy Favorites" and I became warm inside and out.
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