finally some fall decorations

Today felt like the day to finally get out my October decorations. My little crow-girlfriend above has been hanging out with sunflowers, but i put them away and got out the pumpkins. I think this crow was the last doll-type thing I made (about ten years ago, how sad) so I keep her out Sept. thru November. I love the Longaberger basket she's leaning against - it's my favorite one of my collection. And the mini quilt was handmade by quilt artist Linda Hansen - I love getting it out along with a few others that Linda made.
My china hutch looks the best in the fall. We bought my china in Germany when we lived there from 1975 to 1977. It's a pattern called Summerday by Villeroy and Boch and I relive happy memories when I get it out. Nothing equals the dishes and housewares displays in stores and shops in Germany - and all over Europe. Someday we'll return and visit the villages we lived in.
This pumpkin with the blackbird on top is a favorite. And I love the smell of the candle I bought just last night from Bath and Body - it's yummy pumpkiny. As I look out my kitchen window I can't believe that the leaves on the trees are still green. It seems like the leaves are slow to turn and fall this year in the valley. I guess this weekend will bring cooler temps and more 'appropriate' fall coolers.
I like books that match my seasonal decor. It REALLY helps if they're good books - and this one is. It's a book full of quotes and philosophy collected by the fictional Father Tim, of the Mitford books series. Author Jan Karon has found the best quotes and scriptures and compiled them into this lovely book. Need a gift idea - this would be a good one. Hmmmmm. From page one: "the cheerful heart has a continual feast." Proverbs 15:15. And from page almost the end (the pages aren't numbered):
"Life is this simple: we are living in a world that is
absolutely transparent, and God is shining through
it all the time." Thos. Merton.
So you see, from cover to cover, it's a wonderful book. And pretty too!

This folk art piece just makes me smile. It's cute, big, & hangs inside my back door.

The sun was shining through my west windows and making everything sparkle. I had a visit from a friend and as I invited her in I looked around and the sparkle disappeared as I noticed the mess that she probably saw. You know how it is when you're 'changing seasons.' This led me to resolve to get out my old Flylady notes and start routines again in earnest. Flylady teaches about CHAOS, an acronym for can't have anyone over syndrome. It's such good a home management approach. Did this post end negatively?? Or just realistically.