Today is a big day for me!

Today is the day our Cut the Crazy out of Christmas class starts on Big Picture Scrapbooking. I'm thrilled that the day has finally arrived and the class has started - Georgana (my boss) and I have been anticipating this for over six months! You can still sign up for the class too - we're going to spend the whole month of November planning and preparing for Christmas.

I created a Cut the Crazy blog as a place to post "extra" stuff to supplement our Cut the Crazy out of Christmas class. Anyone is invited to come on over and get in on lots of ideas and "advice." My wonderful daughter-in-law Aimee helped me make it look cute.

I just visited Stacy Julian's blog - she's the Big Picture Scrapbooking 'big-wig' as you know. I thought her words were so important. Stacy is referring to scrapbooks in the following paragraph. Please go to her blog to get the full context of her heartfelt post. She writes:

"If I was able to leave one message this weekend with those wonderful ladies, (at a scrapbook store in Montana) this is it:
"Let go. Stop making this so hard. Stop worrying about whether you are doing it right or whether you are good enough or whether you have the right stuff you need or whether you can keep up or whatEVER. If your pictures and stuff aren't organized, do something about it. Stop procrastinating and JUST START telling your stories. Long stories, short stories, stories from this past summer and stories from when you were little. Stop leaving blanks on your pages where you will go back and add journaling. STOP that right now. Start using your own imperfect handwriting and stop thinking it will ruin your page. My goodness girls there is so much good that happens in and through this amazing hobby. Let's just decided to let go and let it happen."

As I begin my Cut the Crazy out of Christmas process which includes making a few scrapbook pages and using my own handwriting in my planners, I hope I can remember the Stacy's advice and just get in and get the job done so I can get to the real business of celebrating a holiday that I love with people I love.