the end of a very nice day : )

Here I am blogging as usual at the end of the day. It's after midnight and I have to make myself go to bed. My usual bedtime is 11:47. That has been my bedtime for at least 18 years. We are nightowls around here - Scott is even worse than I am - he never gets to bed before one or even 1:30. I don't know how he functions at work - once he fell asleep during an eye exam. (And, he's the doctor lol.) But that was an isolated case, honest. Many years ago when the kids were little, I would stay up half the night to sew or read or even do laundry. I finally decided I had to get in control and get to bed at night. So I made myself a bedtime I could remember - 11:47. It rhymes. Lots of people know my bedtime now. Once they were off to college or married, my kids knew that if they wanted to talk to Scott and not me, they just had to call after 11:47. Suzie and her dad had lots of good late night chats. I don't know why I told you this - maybe to help someone else with their bedtime. Oh, don't think I sleep 'til noon. One of my saddest things in life is that I can only sleep for six hours, then my eyes fly open. I wish I could sleep in. Just sometimes. But if I try to go back to sleep, words from my dad echo in my head, "Mind over mattress." "Don't try to go back to sleep, try to get up."
Today we watched General Conference on TV. (The worldwide twice-yearly conference for the LDS church.) It was the second conference for my brother, Gary, who was made a church General Authority last April. We have loved having him and his wife Lesa and their son Kyle home for a week from their assignment in Japan. We didn't go to Salt Lake because Scott is on-call this week and couldn't leave town. But watching on TV with licorice and Twix bars is just as good. I usually take careful notes, but today I just decided to relax and enjoy listening and watching for Gary on the screen. I did write a few lines from President Monson's speech this morning, because his words were so well-spoken. Here is what I loved:
Find joy in the journey NOW.

What is most important involves the people around us.

"They do not love that do not show their love." Shakespeare

Don't put things off until tomorrow. One day each of us will run out of tomorrows.

It’s always our choi
ce which secret garden we will tend.

Happy All My Life – title of book by woman was blind most of her life.