{ makes me want to stitch }

Becky told me about a fun, unique quilt website and blog by a company called Thimble Blossoms. I spent some time enjoying all her designs and it made me want to quilt again - it's been too long. So I took the photo above of my button collection and my old wristband pincushion - just to inspire me. Then I lifted a photo from the Thimble Blossom blog of a pretty quilt and some very cute pincushions that I need in my sewing room. Thanks Camille Roskelley for inspiring me. btw - this girl and her mom also have a brand new line of fabric made by Moda - called Cottom Blossoms, a combination of the names of their pattern companies. The mom owns Cotton Way - I've been buying her quilt patterns for years.
If anyone knows where to get the pincushion patterns shown in the photo above, I want them. I know they're simple enough to figure out in a half hour, but I'm a pattern person. I have personally supported many many pattern makers over the past 30 years. Patterns make me happy! So do pincushions.


Becky said...

which pattern do you love? I really like Drama Queen. I sent her an email saying how she inspired another mom/daughter team to get quilting!

Camille said...

Hi Debbie! I randomly came across your blog today, what are the odds? I am assuming it was you who left a message about the pin cushions, sorry I hadn't returned your call yet, it was on the list for today! The pin cushions in the picture are my mom's pattern Polka Dot Pin Cushions, and you can find it at Cottonway.com. I'll try to post a direct link, but just in case it doesn't work, that is where you an find them.


Hope that helps! Thanks for the shout out, you have SUCH a cute blog!