{ makes me want to stitch }

Becky told me about a fun, unique quilt website and blog by a company called Thimble Blossoms. I spent some time enjoying all her designs and it made me want to quilt again - it's been too long. So I took the photo above of my button collection and my old wristband pincushion - just to inspire me. Then I lifted a photo from the Thimble Blossom blog of a pretty quilt and some very cute pincushions that I need in my sewing room. Thanks Camille Roskelley for inspiring me. btw - this girl and her mom also have a brand new line of fabric made by Moda - called Cottom Blossoms, a combination of the names of their pattern companies. The mom owns Cotton Way - I've been buying her quilt patterns for years.
If anyone knows where to get the pincushion patterns shown in the photo above, I want them. I know they're simple enough to figure out in a half hour, but I'm a pattern person. I have personally supported many many pattern makers over the past 30 years. Patterns make me happy! So do pincushions.