worried about Hurricane Ike

- Saturday night -
I was about to go to bed a few minutes ago, but just had to have one more look on the TV at the progress of Hurricane Ike. Sometime between now and when we wake up in the morning, this monster storm is supposed to make landfall. My heart goes out to all the people of that area who are waiting...it must be so frightening. I feel for the poor people who had to abandon their homes and are uncomfortably staying in shelters etc. not knowing what is happening back home. It would be so awful - I just hope hope pray that the storm is not as bad as predicted. Our nephew Brandon Gihring lives in Houston. He is the son of Scott's sister Jill and brother-in-law Ron. Brandon just got his MBA degree and works for a big accounting firm. Jill sent us this email:
Hey everyone:
Brandon wanted everyone to know that as they say in Texas he has "hunkered down" for the storm. He has plenty of water, food, camp stove, lights and a good book. His apartment is on the third floor, so if the flood waters come he hopes that he will not get wet. He has duck taped all his windows, and has his overall's and wading boots ready to go. So our thoughts and prayers are with Brandon tonight, along with everyone in the path of the storm. I know I'll be up early to tune in to the TV reports about what happened.
--The Gihrings

Jill and Brandon - May 2008