-- painting in Escalante --

Day One in Escalante (near Bryce Canyon) where Scott is painting scenes of the incredible landscape. There is an art festival here this week and a Plein Air painting competition - which Scott didn't enter. He's still learning. At the end of the week, we'll go see the competion exhibit where the painters show the paintings they made of the Escalante area in the last four days. Then Scott will see that he's as good as 90% of the participants. This photo shows the place we are staying - the Slot Canyons Inn. Scott decided to paint right here on the property and chose a scene of the original cabin on the property (to the right of the inn) and the cliffs behind it. In true life, it's beautiful.

This is the bridge over the Escalante River that leads to the Inn.

Here is the painter after about four hours at the easel. When he is painting he loses all track of time. (Actually he does that at his office too - he is just the type that loves whatever he is doing at the moment.) Because his painting spot was close to the Inn where we were staying, I got to hang out in our room. I worked on my computer finishing some stuff for our Big Picture class and I scrapbooked! It was fun. I just watched Oprah and scrapbooked.

Once in a while I would go visit Scott, but he really didn't care if I was there. He had his Ipod and he likes that more than my constant jabbering. lol