[ I love my map ]

Can I just say that I love my map. This map hangs on the wall between our kitchen and dining room. It's big enough that we can even see the smallest islands in the sea. We can pinpoint where Gary and Lesa are in Japan, and Brett. And Alex in Brazil. We have placed little arrows all over the world representing loved ones, then brought them back home. The map measures 28" x 52" (since I'm the editor at Adornit and am constantly trying to make sure we list the measurements of everything, I feel compulsive about tellling you the measurements of my map) unframed - the frame a few extra inches. We bought it in Portland a good fifteen years ago and regretably I don't know the brand or name of it. We referred to it often this summer as we watched the summer Olympics.

One of my favorite things about the map is when we have visitors and everyone gathers around the map to compare notes about where they've been or are going.
Along with the map, I love the quote on the board above it. This is a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that my friend Norma Olsen found. The words just jumped out at her from the walls of a little home decor shop on a day that she really needed the wise advise. And so, being the
scraplifter and copycat that I am, I went right out and bought the same plaque. We are possibly going to cut the quote in rub-on vinyl at Adornit, so if you're interested in it (for a Christmas gift of course!) let me know.