cut the crazy class on big picture - too exciting!!!

First of all, I have no idea how to make this NOT long and skinny - so just laugh and enjoy....

Well, after lots of work by Georgana (my boss at Adornit) and me, and with the permission of my Cut the Crazy partner Norma Olsen, we succeeded in getting our Cut the Crazy out of Christmas class onto a very popular website that provides classes for scrapbookers. It's called Big Picture Scrapbooking, and I have to say, it's BIG to be there. So the whole world can take our Christmas class...and I hope the whole world does. At least all the women! We have added a scrapbooking element to the class to make it fun for the Big Picture audience. In addition, we have written some wonderful content to help women learn how to simplify and control Christmas. We will also offer an updated version of the planner which Georgana designed. This is all done online - the class is virtual and the handouts come as downloads on your computer. The class will be taught during the month of November. We'll have a message board, two live chats, and a Gallery to post pictures of projects etc. I can't even begin to describe how happy and astonished I am about this. I wrote the words for the ad below and I think they describe our class pretty well. It's my biggest gig yet!

Cut the Crazy out of Christmas

Christmas is a time of great excitement and activity - and sometimes chaos.
It's also a time when we want to feel moments of peace and joy.

The things we long for at Christmas:

  • opportunities to sit by the fire with family and friends
  • time to create handmade gifts
  • activities with children that include service & creativity -

these simply won't happen if we don't PLAN ahead and then leave space for them on our December calendars.

Christmas gets crazy because we try to cram everything into four short weeks. At some point, we must accept that it is unrealistic to have it all, do it all, and be it all.

The Cut the Crazy out of Christmas approach helps you so that:
{Love and joy can really be yours this holiday season.}

The 'cut the crazy' ladies, Georgana and Debbie, teamed with Big Picture Scrapbooking, can help bring a new perspective on how you approach Christmas this year. The workshop includes a downloadable planner that will change the way you plan for the holidays…plus projects and lots of ideas.

We invite you to join us!