:: good-bye party ::

WE had a fun going-away party for my Aunt Norma and Uncle Skeeter who will be leaving next week for an LDS mission in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was great having their daughter Jami here - she lives in California and doesn't get to enjoy these family get-togethers. Also from their family was Curtis and Wendy and their kids (and even some of Alex's friends) and their granddaughter Allison and her husband Greg. The rest of the party group was my parents and family.
We played a round of "I HAVE NEVER" and it turned out to be very informative, fun and good exercise.
No, Val isn't chasing Jami in this picture - they're racing for the same chair.

Aunt Norma ended up in the middle quite often, so she had to spend some time thinking of things she has never done.

There were only three little kids at our party - our families have just grown up. Now we rely on the kids of our kids to bring the fun to the party. Little Evie decided that we needed to have a game that she could play. Her first choice was freeze TAG - but no one could muster the energy to play tag with her. So she settled on a fast-paced game of DUCK DUCK GOOSE which a few of us joined. The --flash-- in the yellow shirt is Merilee running to get ahead of the kid she tagged.

After the games, Evan and Curtis payed tribute to Aunt Norma and Uncle Skeeter and the legacy of service they pass on to us as they leave for their third mission. They also served in Rochester, New York and Cebu, Phillipines. and Curtis, Nikki, Kimberly and Doug listen to the stories.

Jamie and my mom Jean listening to Evan's talk.

Curtis, Nikki (hiding her head because she is due to have little baby Avrie any day now), Kimberly and Doug laughing.

As the party, ended we were treated to a beautiful Cache Valley sunset photographed by Scott.
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