~ a perspective of goodness ~

I got up early to weed my flower garden - it was the one thing I was going to accomplish while Scott is away hiking in the Wind River Mountains with the Scouts. I was going to accomplish a lot of things while he is gone, but weeding was the NOT OPTIONAL one.

I was a little scared, this morning, to go into my backyard - it's been two days since my traumatic encounter with a wasp. I still have mini-daytime-nightmares about that wasp flying into my hair and me frantically trying to brush it away, only to have it sting me on the back of the head. This experience gave me new compassion for wasp and bee stings, and if I have ever acted nonchalantly about your bee sting (Brookie included here on the Fourth of July) I sincerely apologize. It has also opened up a new topic of conversation with everyone I talk to - I have heard some horrendous sting stories in the past few days, including Dr. Wood's story of a bee flying into his ear. The internet is crammed with funny but terrifying stories about bees and wasps.

Well, it started to rain, which is a good thing since it will be easier to pull weeds later if the ground is wet. I retreated to my computer, and found one of my favorite emails in my inbox - SARK's inspirational eLetter.

I love her idea of being a detective of goodness and passing on a perspective of goodness. I just had to share...if you can't read this, click here.

I get automatic emails (she calls them eLetters) from Susan Kennedy aka SARK that change my outlook in a matter of two minutes. She teaches positivity, creativity and 'juicy journaling.' You may remember her books from the nineties, books like Inspiration Sandwich and Living Juicy.

If you need an attitude adjustment or just some creative motivation and journaling inspiration, go visit with SARK.

"Remember to delight yourself first,
then others can be truly delighted."